Our Philosophy

What sets us apart from the rest.

The program has 3 core beliefs:


1. Fitness programs need to be customized for each person. The app analyzes your weight, age, sex and activity level, and creates a 60 day plan that focuses on what is achievable for you


After every workout, you give a rating, and the program adapts the following workout based on that rating.

2. Doing the same workout every day leads to burnout; variety is essential. Every day, we give you three options: walk, run or workout at home. You only have to do ONE though. We will tell you how to do it, and for how long. 

3. Weight loss isn’t as simple as just being active. An effective weight loss program centres itself around High Intensity Circuit Training (HICT) principles to achieve maximum weight loss in minimum time.


What is HICT? 


Traditional workout programs are long and constant - imagine running for 10 miles at a steady speed or going to the gym and lifting weights for 8-12 reps and taking 1-2 minutes breaks in between. This is how most people approach their weight loss goal and it’s highly inefficient.


With HICT, research shows that you get greater weight loss and in shorter overall time by doing high-intensity aerobic and resistance training with limited rest placed in between. 


A HICT workout has you running for 5 minutes, then walking for 2 minutes and finally sprinting for 1 minute. Or it asks you to alternate between intense exercises and short 10 second rests. The upside? You workout for a shorter overall period of time, but actually end up losing more weight than the traditional method of exercising. 


The Original Weight Loss Challenge is centred fully around HICT. 



An iPhone app

focused solely on

weight loss. 

Walk, run or workout

from home - everything

is supported.

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“Love it. Use it everyday. Versatile cause you decide what you want to do that day. ”

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